I Miss Charting With FAM!

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Why I'm missing charting with FAM in this season of life...


I was casually explaining to a friend how FAM works and wanted to show her a chart with my app, however when I went to my phone, the app wasn’t there!




I was so surprised because I used to use that app everyday!


I quickly realized that I had gotten a new phone for Christmas and was downloading apps as I was needing them, and of course didn’t need to input anything in that app now that I’m pregnant.

Another night I was biking and caught sight of the beautiful full moon. I instantly thought a thought that I always have when I see the full moon: “where am I in my cycle? Am I synced up with the moon?”. But alas, I am pregnant and don’t have a regular cycle right now. I felt so thrown off, like I didn’t know what day of the week it was. I remember thinking in my first trimester, I don’t know when to work out, when to go out with friends, when to work on more detail oriented work tasks, because so often I made those decisions based on where I was in my cycle. Aligning your life according to your cycle is called “cycle syncing”, and it has totally changed my life. You can read more about it here in a previous blog post of mine called, Harnessing The Power of Your Cycle.

And believe it or not, I have even missed checking for cervical fluid. I was so in the habit of checking my underwear and toilet paper every time I go to the bathroom because of FAM.  I always found what my body was telling me so interesting, but now I find bathroom visits during pregnancy so boring ha!

FAM taught me that my periods are not the enemy. I learned to work with my body and love it, and to help my periods not be so painful.

I share all this because one of the top reasons people don’t want to use FAM is because they think charting is a hassle. 

They believe it’s too complicated to learn basal body temperature and cervical fluid patterns or that they will forget to check these things everyday, so they don’t even bother to learn or try.

The reality is, FAM becomes second nature. 

The connection to my body that I have now, is one of my greatest joys. It makes me feel powerful, sexy, and at peace. It makes me feel fierce when I advocate for myself and my body. In my first trimester, I especially missed being able to tune into my sex drive! Of course, it’s a different kind of joy to be pregnant and I wouldn’t trade that for anything, but I charting was it’s own kind of joy for is as well.

Remember, no new habit sticks overnight, but I always tell my FAM clients that after about three months of charting, it will become second nature.

Then eventually, it will become a joy. And I’m not just saying this as a crazy FAM enthusiast, I have heard the same from many of my FAM clients. So if you have put off learning how to chart your cycle because you think it will be a burden, I encourage you to just try for three months, and by then, I hope you will enjoy your new healthy habit.

Want to learn FAM to either avoid or achieve pregnancy, or to simply connect more with your cycle? Check out my FAM video courses.

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Want to learn more about the Fertility Awareness Method? 

My video courses will teach you everything you need to know.

Want to learn more about the Fertility Awareness Method? 

My video courses will teach you everything you need to know.