Hello from the Farm!

essential oils Jun 24, 2016



Hello from Young Living’s Farm in Mona, Utah!


I am currently here in Utah and just had the privilege of touring one of the largest privately owned essential oil distilleries in the world.



“So, why Young Living?” I get this question a lot.


Oils are relatively accessible, you can buy oils randomly online, from a natural foods store, or from any other essential oil company. Honestly, I have yet to find another company with as much quality, transparency, and most importantly, love as I have found in Young Living. Gary Young, the founder, continually says, “Our farms belong to the distributors”, and I could feel this love as they generously opened their doors for us to experience the magic of where our beautiful essential oils come from.


Touring the Farm

We pull up to the farm and as soon as I open the car door the aromas from from the distillery grace my nose. They are distilling Blue Yarrow and Juniper as we tour, scents that are strong, but smell so good. We start from the seed, getting to plant new Yarrow seeds, then walk through the fields of beautiful plants as they cultivate them organically. The lavender fields are my personal favorite part of the day. We play, frolic and take photos in the fields, truly making it feel like our farm. A display of Young Living’s total freedom and trust. Then we explore the distilling process as we walk past the piles of plant material that are about to be steam distilled, separating the oil, filtered then tested. Finally, we move to the bottling and sealing with the proud Young Living Label.


Young Living owns farms and distilleries all over the world and is passionate about organic farming practices to create the best oils on the planet. Gary Young summed it up with this:

“If you have good soil, you’ll have good oil!”

Yes indeed! The properties in Young Living’s oils are directly linked to the rich soil they nurture, their love for the earth and their love for people. I am blown away by Young Living’s open door policy and feel so blessed to stand beside them as they continue to be forerunners in health, business and organic farming.



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Want to learn more about the Fertility Awareness Method? 

My video courses will teach you everything you need to know.