Discover how charting your cycle using the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) helps you on your journey to conceive by allowing you to identify your exact fertile days.

…Without an expensive fertility monitor, ovulation test strips, or relying on an app's inaccurate fertile prediction.

In this FREE mini-course, you’ll gain the clarity you need to decide if FAM is right for you.

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You can confidently identify your fertile phase on your own!

If you're trying for a baby, you could be missing your fertile window, leading to disappointment and heartache month after month.

While most doctors leave you on your own to try for a year, charting your cycle gives you tons of data about your hormones and fertility in less than six months.

What if you could replace the guesswork with confidence?

Knowing your fertile window is not a mystery but a science of charting changes in your cervical fluid and basal body temperature patterns empowering you to identify your body's natural signs of fertility so that you can better time intercourse.

It’s not just about conceiving; it’s about understanding what is going on with your hormonal health and fertility and working with your body.

In this mini course, you’ll…


  • Discover how to easily observe your two most important fertility signs - cervical fluid and basal body temperature.
  • Get clarity about your hormones and how charting can give you insights into your hormonal health and fertility in less than six months.
  • Learn exactly why you are only fertile for a short window.
  • Discover my top recommended charting app and basal thermometer needed to get started charting your cycle.
  • Understand why you don’t want to be relying on an app's fertile predictions.
  • Realize why you don’t need an expensive fertility monitor to determine your fertile phase.
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Hi, I'm Hana!

I successfully charted my cycle with the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) for birth control for seven years. Then when I was ready to get pregnant, I used FAM to help me conceive, and have since been using FAM as birth control again to space my children.

I became a certified Fertility Awareness Educator because women deserve to have true informed consent when choosing their birth control and conception methods and that begins with knowing how their bodies work and knowing that FAM is a reliable and viable option. 

I have taught hundreds of women how to chart their cycle and the resounding response I get is “I can’t believe I didn’t know this sooner! Every woman needs to know this!” 

What I want for you, more than just the knowledge of charting, is for you to have confidence in identifying your fertile phase! That’s why I created video courses where you can learn everything you need to know and I’ll be here to support you every step of the way.


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