Essential Oils for Women's Hormone Health

I'm so glad you're interested in learning more how to support your hormones using essential oils!

In my Chart Your Cycle courses I often work with women who want to get off of hormonal birth control, but so many of them originally went on birth control for things other than contraception - usually for hormone imbalances, painful periods, acne etc. That’s why in my courses I cover a lot about nutrition to help these things, but there are also many other tools in our natural toolkit, and that’s where essential oils come in.

Because of essential oils, I feel so much more empowered in supporting not only my hormonal health but also the overall health of my whole family, so I’m excited to share this powerful tool with you as well!

What we'll cover in this mini course:

  1. Welcome! My Essential Oils Story
  2. How Our Hormones Work
  3. What Disrupts Our Hormones?
  4. What Are Essential Oils?
  5. How to Use Essential Oils
  6. Essential Oils for Hormone Health
  7. How to Get Started

The course includes seven short videos totaling about 20 minutes, is completely self-paced, and accessible for one year.

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Questions?  Feel free to email me or set up a free 15 min. Discovery Call.