Intro to Charting Your Cycle

Charting your cycle with the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) is for ALL WOMEN with cycles, not just for those wanting a natural option for birth control or help conceiving.

Charting your cycle can help you:

  • Get clarity about your hormones by making something invisible (like hormones) into something you can see and assess.

  • Gain confidence and connection with your body and feminine power.

  • Have amazing data to help you address the root cause of a health issue, to present to your health care provider, or to advocate for yourself if your healthcare provider isn’t taking you seriously.

Your cycle is a vital indicator to your overall health, often called your fifth vital sign, like your heart or breathing rate. When issues arise with our cycles, our culture puts band-aids on them by putting women on medications or synthetic hormones, but charting your cycle can help you treat hormonal issues at the root cause.

What we'll cover in this mini course:

  1. Welcome! Meet Hana
  2. What it Means to Chart Your Cycle with FAM
  3. The Woman's Cycle and Hormones
  4. Charting for Birth Control Effectiveness Rates
  5. How Charting Can Help on Your Journey to Conceive
  6. Ready to Start Charting?

The course includes six short videos totaling about 20 minutes, is completely self-paced, and accessible for one year.

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If you’re wanting to learn how to chart your cycle for general health and knowledge, or you’re not ready to dive in and purchase my Chart for Birth Control or Chart to Conceive courses yet, then this FREE mini course is for you!

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